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MCP employed many talented people including Shirley Martin and Orpheus Arfaras replica watches uk sale. Shirley was a bright, young and talented designer straight out of technical college. Her designs are evident throughout the 20 year history of MCP.

Orpheus Arfaras was a Greek immigrant who came to work at MCP shortly after his arrival in Australia. His artistic talent was used in designing and decorating both Greek and Aboriginal pieces. His pieces are highly sort after in today’s marketplace.

In 1957 PGH bought out Reg O’Donnell’s share of MCP. Eventually the artware side of the business was replaced by the production of utility and earthenware. By 1965 MCP had been fully absorbed into the PGH culture and corporate structure.

More information, stories and photos can be found in the book “Artware to Utility”. Click on ‘The Book’ at the top of this page.

“Artware to Utility”

The Story of Modern Ceramic Products

By Ted Impey